Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
Miles Family - October 2011 - Northern Ethiopian Trip in the Tigray Region

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I caved!

I caved! I caved to the overwhelming pressure of starting a blog. Lots of my friends have been nagging.....yes nagging about me getting into the 21 century. So here I am sitting with a great friend who is taking the time and getting me started. Thank you Angie!!


Angie said...

Welcome! We can't wait to keep up with you when you are gone to Addis! We'll miss you so much, Ben is already upset about Glori leaving again.

Anonymous said...

5 miles away from what?

Anonymous said...

Marti, We got your Christmas letter in the mail today and I'm still shocked that you live in Ethiopia! What an adventure you must be living. I'm so glad you have a blog. I can't wait to see more pictures of your cute family and where you live. Congrats on the new baby. She's darling. Check out our blog too. I try and keep it updated. So good to hear from you! Take care! Carrie

Anonymous said...

oh. I get the title now. duh.

Scott & Jane said...

ok Marti, I know you are really busy, but when do we get an update?