Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
Miles Family - October 2011 - Northern Ethiopian Trip in the Tigray Region

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Never say Never!

We NEVER thought we would EVER have a family member wear ANYTHING that had to do with Idaho Vandals......or Vangals is what a friend/co-worker would say. However, our good friends that used to live in Addis made and sent these AWESOME Boise State blankets to us. We love them and use them all the time. Then we noticed something else in the box and wouldn't you know it........an Idaho Vandal onesie for Sophi. Hmmff! Mitch was distraught and I thought it was hysterical!! So this is the ONE and ONLY time we will have vandal paraphenelia (sp?) Thanks Sombke's and to my wonderful friends in Idaho who are Vandals.........Enjoy and have a laugh!! However, be assured we are true blue bloods and have been watching Boise State all season when we can get the games on ESPN!! Even at 3 am! Go Broncos!

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Erin said...

Sophi is beautiful! Look at those eyes and eyelashes. She looks so much like Glori.

I was just thinking about you today when I was talking w/ a friend about all the people I know in Africa right now. I'm so glad to see you got Inet access to keep us posted on your goings-on. We miss you!