Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
Miles Family - October 2011 - Northern Ethiopian Trip in the Tigray Region

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Klein Erzgebirge in Oederan, Germany

Yesterday we went to another small town called Oederan. There is a place called Klein Erzgebirge where old churches, castles and historical buildings are made and displayed into small replicas. It was really interesting to see all these small buildings on display. The kids loved it! Mitch and I then made a list of all the "neat" replicas that we wanted to see. Now we have a working agenda to go and visit the actual location in Eastern Germany. Here are only a few pictures of the replicas.

Side note: The Erzgebirge Region (where we are) is the area that the original nutcrackers are made. I was informed almost 14 years ago when Mitch and I celebrated our first Christmas together that the "made in china" nutcracker decoration that I had displayed in the house was FORBIDDEN and could not possibly be in the same house with his "orginal" nutcrackers from eastern Germany. Ofcourse, he bought some on his mission. Well, after all this time.......I now know why! The wood carvings and nutcrackers are absolutely beautiful and numbered. There is NO comparison.
This place also had a great playground, sand box and toys that the kids could play with. There was even a sprinkler system for the kids to get refreshed. Glori finally got a picture as the princess in the castle. Germany has been hot, hot and hot and the locals say it is a bit unusual.

While we were having fun in the sun and eating yummy soft serve ice cream cones, we couldn't figure out why it was so quiet and no people around. We came back to the farm and realized Germany was playing Argentina in the world cup. Germany won 4 to 0 and cars were honking and German flags are displayed everywhere.......on houses and in cars. Way to go Germany!

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