Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
Miles Family - October 2011 - Northern Ethiopian Trip in the Tigray Region

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marine Corp. Ball - Thanks Marines!

Last night was the Marine Corp. Ball in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was a very nice evening with an emotional Marine presentation, guest speakers and ofcourse the social aspect of dancing, eating and mingling.

Here are some "candid" pics from the evening. Mitch was in the states on training, so I went with friends. We had a group of gals at a table. We danced the night away to some oldies and some goodies.......like Lady Gaga! My Zumba dance classes have come in handy. hee, hee

Happy Birthday Marines and THANK YOU for all that you do around the world!

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Cath said...

It's so fun to see you posting a bit more! You look gorgeous Marti!! Wow. Eliza still talks about Glory Sue all the time. In fact, we have a present sitting here on the kitchen counter wrapped with her name on it. I have no idea what's in it. How much longer are you in Ethiopia? Sure miss you sweet friend.