Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
Miles Family - October 2011 - Northern Ethiopian Trip in the Tigray Region

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"The Cheetah"

Has anyone seen the movie Duma? Grandma and Grandpa Miles sent the dvd to Eli for his birthday last year and Eli instantly loved it. The movie is about a South African boy and father who find a baby cheetah, bring it home and raise it. The cheetah and boy have many adventures and then finally the cheetah (Duma) is released back into the wild. It is a great movie for the family. So, back to the game drive. The driver stops the vehicle and tells the group that we are going to see the cheetahs. He brings out a leash. Yeah, you guessed it. We not only got to meet "the cheetah" in the movie, but also got to pet him and he even licked Eli's hand. I guess he likes the salt. Can you believe it? We actually by complete coincidence meet Duma. Well his name isn't really Duma, but it is Anthony. He is amazing. Then we find out that the boy in the movie is actually the son of the owners of the facility we are touring. What a small world! The kids and I just couldn't believe it. Eli has watched Duma so many times and then actually meets him. What are the chances of that? Needless to say, Eli and Glori were thrilled! We can't stop talking about it. Thank you again Grandma and Grandpa Miles for introducing Eli and Glori to Duma.........I bet you would have NEVER guessed that someday Eli and Glori would meet him. hee, hee, hee .... ....See, I told you this story had to have its own post!


Crystal said...

That's so awesome! I am loving these posts of South Africa, what a neat place to visit. Now we're going to have to watch that movie!

Chris, Shannon, and Emma Hayes said...

Marti, I miss you and your fam...it is so fun to read about your adventures though. I sent you a message a few months ago on facebook, did you not get it? I am afraid I still don't know how to use it very well.... Any trips planned this way again this summer???????? Love you Shannon

Anonymous said...

That is sooo amazing. Your kids will never forget that experience. I'll have to rent the movie for our kids. What memorable adventures you are having!!

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Angie said...

So you know how when you load a webpage the text comes first.........then the pics show up? Of course you know, Miss Dial-Up Connection. hehehe So I saw the post title "The Cheetah" and thought you were making a clever joke about cheating on a run or something you did. Holy cow, that's so awesome!! You are doing some cool, cool stuff.

Erin said...

Too cool! I'm so impressed. I love seeing your family adventures. Take care.